Alcohol & Drug Testing Package: The Right Start

$ 1,000.00

The Right Start Alcohol-Drug Testing Package includes:

  • 2  Psychemedics hair tests (the most respected, accurate and reliable drug use and alcohol abuse test in the world) providing a 3-month window of detection
  • 2 sample collections by a local collection site approved by Psychemedics. Parents do not collect the sample.
  • 2 sample shipments by FedEx Express Overnight to the Psychemedics lab
  • Test dates scheduled with local collection site (usually November/April)
  • Student/parent notification of test week, collection site, address, hours and procedures (driver’s license required)
  • Notification sent to student and parent via email one week prior to the scheduled test week and a reminder the day before the final testing day
  • Cautionary substance abuse emails sent to the student and parent
  • Consultation with parents quarterly regarding positive results. Only Secure Test Results receives the results. Negative results will be communicated to student and parent via preferred email typically within two weeks of the final testing date
  • Positive results will be shared with student and parent by phone only
  • Destruction of all records at the end of each academic year