How The Right Start Program Works

College Alcohol and Drug Testing Program

The Right Start Substance Abuse Protection Program

How much is the life of your child worth?
Drug and alcohol testing helps shield your priceless family from the tragedy of drug and alcohol abuse.

How can I help keep my high school and college age students clean and sober?
Follow the steps below to help keep your child safe.

Purchase the Right Start Program (RSP), the first step in protecting your student from the temptations of drugs and alcohol. The Right Start is a division of Secure Test Results (STR), a provider of complete drug testing program services.

The program includes two state-of-the-art Psychemedics hair drug tests collected by a medical professional at a medical facility in a convenient location. The tests are scheduled once per semester or in the second and fourth quarter before exams. These tests screen for alcohol abuse and drug use over a three month period.

You will immediately receive an email confirming your purchase of the program and information about what happens next.

Valuable information about illicit drugs and alcohol will be regularly sent to you and your student via email.

A Secure Test Results (STR) representative will email you within 2 business days and provide a full and detailed explanation of the Right Start Program including the drug testing schedule, sample collection site procedures, and the science behind the Psychemedics test.

Testing Site Confirmation – an authorized medical collection site location convenient for your student will be selected and this information will be emailed to you and your student.

The student will be assigned a randomly generated Secure ID Number. This number and a Client Authorization Form will be emailed to you and your student.

The student takes the Client Authorization Form and a photo ID to the test collection location during a predetermined 2 week window of time. This provides more flexibility to avoid missing classes or activities.

A small hair sample is taken in the controlled medical environment and securely FedExed to the Psychemedics lab for testing. The test is only associated with the Secure ID Number, not your child’s name. The testing process and results stay confidential at all times.

Psychemedics Corporation, the leader in drug testing with hair, tests the anonymous sample to identify drug use and alcohol abuse over the preceding three months. This test is the most accurate, reliable and proven test on the market. There are no false positives.

STR will communicate the test results by phone two weeks following the sample collection. Printed results are available upon request.

If necessary, information is available regarding services, communication strategies and other resources.

All results are destroyed at the end of each academic year unless requested by the parents. There is never any record of the test with insurance companies, universities or government agencies. The results are for you and you alone.

Your STR representative is available throughout the entire year to answer any questions you may have about drugs, alcohol and your student.

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