Secure Test Results

"Protecting America's young people from drug use and alcohol abuse through real accountability."


Secure Test Results (STR) is dedicated to assisting its clients in the design, implementation and support of drug testing programs that effectively and efficiently provide a powerful deterrent to drug use and accurately identify those students already in need of help. There is no more destructive force facing our young people today than drug use and alcohol abuse. It is responsible for over 85% of the crime in our nation and represents the most dangerous threat to the health and future of tomorrow's leaders.


Drug Abuse Prevention Secure Test Results provides complete drug testing program services for schools, colleges, and affiliated organizations including fraternities, sororities, clubs, athletic teams, churches, honor/leadership societies and youth groups of all kinds. Individual testing is available to parents through our substance abuse protection program, The Right Start ©.

Secure Test Results Programs

    • The Right Start Program:  Individual high school or collegiate substance abuse protection program
    • Drug Free Chapter:  Unique program for fraternity, sorority, leadership, scholarship or honor organizations
    • Problem Assessment:  Blind testing (without names) of an entire organization without warning to determine the level of drug use and alcohol abuse
    • Health & Wellness Assessment:  Diagnostic assessment for organizational use with individual results
    • For information on Drug Free School programs and athletic testing, please see the Psychemedics website


    • Consulting: complete drug testing program consultation from concept realization to implementation: policy and procedures, design, documentation, implementation schedule, communication, media, sample collection and coordination, results reporting, treatment recommendations and program evaluation.
    • Results Communication: receiving, screening, interpretation and reporting of confidential test results only to the client designated recipient(s), statistical summary and program assessment.
    • Results Management: confidential data storage and destruction of test results as directed by client.
    • Confidentiality: complete confidentiality of results.
    • Other Services: as requested by the client including drug education, group presentations (school board, faculty, parents, membership community) and seminar and conference presentations.

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